We aim to introduce Kyoto’s unique attractiveness to visitors and
to promote Kyoto’s Kagai (‘Flower Town’Entertainment District),
while paying the greatest respect to the traditional culture of the district’s strict,
referral-based admittance policy, and with the corporation of those who understand and try to preserve its legacy.

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Small group Dinner course

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to not only see a maiko dance in person, but to play traditional ozashiki games, and take photos together.

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Private Bar Course

Enjoy chatting and having a photoshoot with Maiko in a Japanese stylish bar.

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Private Evening course

We can provide you with a real maiko experience, at an ochaya(traditional Japanese tea house). Please enjoy dinner and drinks, a photoshoot by professional photographer etc.

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Please fill out our Inquiry form. We will email you about the price for your desired course, dates and the number of guests.


Payment and
ID presentation

Please make a provisional payment by Paypal (using credit card) if you would like to make a reservation. Upon completing the payment, we will start arranging your desired course on a date of your choice. *Please understand that without this provisional payment, we cannot proceed to reserve the Ochaya.


Meet at your hotel or
at Kagai

We will email you as soon as your reservation is confirmed after all the arrangements for the course have been completed. You will receive detailed information including the meeting point of your banquet day. Please note that the payment cannot be refunded once we start making arrangements less than 14 days before the event date. We will make a full refund if all the arrangements cannot be completed. In this case the refund is fully made even if your payment date is less than 14 days before the event date.


Meet at your hotel or
at Kagai

Our Guides will meet you at the lobby of your accommodation(or at Kagai, if you would like) and visit a teahouse.


Enjoy a banquet
at a teahouse

After leaving the teahouse, our guide will see you off at the hotel of your accommodation(at Kagai, if you would like).

Our Guides

Y . Y

I am a government certified official tour guide and have showed around Kyoto and its vicinity to foreign visitors. Brought up in Kyoto, I am passionate about introducing this lovely city and its elegant culture to people from all over the world! I love arts, music and traditional Japanese culture. I am a friendly, open-minded person and ready to help you see the best of Kyoto. I look forward to meeting you in Kyoto! Credentials: National Guide Certificate (License#EN00459): Test of Practical English First Grade: TOEIC945: Nara Prefecture Certified Tour Expert

N . F

As a native of Kyoto, I have always been close to the events, landscapes, and every-day scenery of Kyoto. Also, working as a National Certified Tour Guide and City of Kyoto Visitor's Host, I have extensive experience in guiding visitors from all over the world, always eager to meet the clientele's needs flexibly. It is my utmost pleasure to be of help to you in experiencing the enchanted world of ""Kagai, "" where this city's incomparable beauty and charm still remain vibrant today.

T. F

I am an official interpreter and tour guide of Kyoto. I have worked in the import / export industry over 10 years. I am also an experienced simultaneous interpreter for business meetings, conferences, exhibitions and audits. It's my honor and privilege to introduce Kyoto's unique culture and lifestyle to our overseas guests. This exclusive Kyoto tour will certainly become a "once in your lifetime" experience. Discover Kyoto with me and you'll fall in love with this beautiful and magical city.

M . K

Hi, thank you very much for viewing my profile.I’ve lived in Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo, and the US in my life and really love to travel overseas.My career is mostly in an Entertainment industry as an interpreter, coordinator, and production assistant for over 15 years and worked with many VIP people. I am a cheerful person and love nature and cooking.I appreciate tradition, so visiting temples and shrines in Kyoto became one of my hobby. I will try my best to make your trip in Japan memorable and special. Looking forward to seeing you in Kyoto!( Qualification: National guide, Kyoto visitors host)

Customer Feedback

May Chow(Chef)

I knew the tea house is an inaccessible place to even local people unless they have reference. So I’m so happy and honored to get the chance today. Their performance was so beautiful and touched my heart deeply to the extent that I felt sweat on my neck . I was so inspired by their dedication as a professional Maiko and Geiko. I enjoyed conversation with them and the games we played were so much fun ! It became an unforgettable night and one of the highlights of our trip !! Everything was just awesome !

"I felt that I stepped into an unknown world"

I had an important Business reception with a client from overseas, and I was really frustrated because I do not have connections with the Flower Town (Hanamachi). I did not want to join the group events, as I wanted to keep this reception private. At that time, I was introduced to Exclusive Kyoto, and with their help I went to Gion’s Ochaya (Teahouse) with my client – just the two of us. I communicated with Exclusive Kyoto’s staff beforehand, and they were really kind and helpful with my requests, such as arranging a vegetarian meal for us. I really looked forward to the evening. My client was really impressed by the gorgeousness of the Maiko, and even though I live in Japan, I felt that I stepped into an unknown world. I am really grateful to be able to provide my client such a special experience. My client said that this was one of the best experiences he had, so the reception was a great success! (Male, 50+ Japanese Executive)

"Thank you so much for this unique experience"

I love Japanese culture, so I visit Japan often. I have previously used services where I get to see the Maikos dance and take photos of them, but I wanted to have a casual talk with a Maiko. I looked for services allowing me to talk to a Maiko, and found nothing. However, I later found out that Exclusive Kyoto can help arrange an event for me to meet and talk with a Maiko privately. With their help, I managed to meet with a Maiko at a private venue and she told me so much about Maikos. It was a wonderful experience, as I could ask her questions and enjoy her dance performance. The two hours just flew by so quickly. Thank you so much for this unique experience, and I really hope to get better at the traditional Japanese games people play with the Maiko next time. Maybe I’ll be able to beat them next time, ha-ha. I will definitely recommend your service to my friends! (Female, 20+ Australian)

"Amazing privilege"

Our guide picked us up at our accommadation and took us first for dinner in Gion. Whilst my son struggled with some of the dishes, I enjoyed everything put in front of me (and helped him with his) whilst we talked to our guide about life in Japan. After dinner, we went to the teahouse to meet the Maiko, it was an amazing experience and the favourite part of our entire trip. We felt very privileged to have met these wonderful ladies and to see them showcase some of their art (dance/music). They taught us a traditional Japanese game and answered our many questions. Afterwards, our guide dropped us back to where we were staying. It is a highlight of my many trips globally and will be remembered. (Stacey)

"The most Japanese cultural experience ever you could do!"

To celebrate my fiance's birthday, I wanted something very exceptional. So I booked there because it is very exclusive! My expectation was very high and I was not disappointed. We really enjoyed the cultural exchange with the maikos, we learned a lot about them. Thanks to our guide to translate and respect our conversation with them. We also appreciate the visit of "Okaasan" who served us the most tasteful sake we ever drinked! We saw a dance and listened shamisen, we also played some funny games with them. We laughed a lot. We highly recommand this experience and also we wanted to say thank you to everybody and mostly to M. Sawada for opening this experience to people from other countries. (Sophie)

"The Experience of a Lifetime!"

The entire experience exceeded our expectations in every single way. This was our first trip to Japan so I really wanted to have an authentic experience that didn't feel touristy. When I originally signed up for this experience I was worried about the cost when I compared it to other prices I saw online with other (cheaper) companies but I was intrigued by the exclusivity. IT WAS WORTH EVERY PENNY! The conversations with the maiko were educational and inspirational and the performances were up close, personal and magical. My husband and I were treated like royalty by our host Kenji and our interpreter Yukari. If you are looking for a truly authentic experience that really shows you some of the artistry, history and beauty of Japanese culture, this is the one to book. (Jason)

"Amazing Authentic Experience!"

We had an amazing experience! If you are looking for a once in a life time opportunity in Japan this is definitely the adventure to do. The tea house was beautiful and felt like we where traveling back in time. The Host (Kenji) had great conversation and really made us feel welcome in his lovely city of Kyoto, the interpreter was very fluent in English and explained everything to us as the evening went on. The dancing and shamisen playing was mesmerizing, the food was delicious, and the geiko and maiko where more beautiful than we could have imagined. We even had the pleasure of visiting the Mamasan of the tea house. We will always remember this fantastic experience, it truly made our trip to Japan magical! (Bethany)

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