Private Ochaya Dinner course

  • You can enjoy 3 hours in the company of a Maiko and Geiko at an “Ochaya” anytime between 6-11pm, including a Mai performance, traditional game, and an opportunity to take photos.
  • We offer pick up and drop off from and to your accommodation in Kyoto City.
  • Overseas guests will be accompanied by a translator or a licensed guide.
  • All you can drink(with certain exceptions) and Meals provided. (We will ask for your meal preferences, if any).
  • You can select your desired meal from (1)Tea-ceremony dishes,(2) Traditional Japanese course dinner, or (3)Catered dinner from traditional Japanese restaurant in Geisha town.
  • We can arrange for a walk with a Maiko around the Kagai.

Meeting location

An interpreter guide will pick you up at your hotel of accommodation for your convenience so you do not have to worry about the meeting location!


You will travel by taxi with the informative guide who will give you a rare cultural perspective about the Kagai.

Arrival at the Ochaya-tea house

The appearance of the Ochaya surely gives the impression that it is hard to enter without being escorted by someone else already familiar with the place. This area is a well preserved district of Kyoto that has a unique charming character. It’s like stepping into another world!

Being guided to your Ozashiki-reserved tea room in the Ochaya

Check out the wonderful atmosphere of the Japanese-style room and furnishings.

Toast with your drinks

Enjoy the open bar (all-you-can-drink)! Your dinner will be prepared in accordance with any special requests (vegetarian, dietary, etc) that you make at the time of reservation.

Introduction of Maiko-Geiko trainees and Geiko-Geisha of Kyoto

So cute! You might wonder what to talk about. But it’ll be fun chatting about general topics or simply asking about the Maiko lifestyle. They will be very friendly, so you’ll find that it’ll be easy to break the ice. You will get to know some interesting differences between Maiko and Geiko.

Mai performance starts

You’ll find the Maikos’ smile and friendly vibe complement her professionalism. You will love the beautiful and delicate movements of the Maiko. Feel free to take pictures with your cameras. After the Mai performance you can ask questions about her songs and dancing, which may make you want to watch her other performances.

The asobi-game

This part is about “playing game at your Ozashiki-reserved room at the Ochaya”. It is hard to imagine what it would be from the name, but such an elaborate experience will make you think that it is more than just a “game”. There are some fun penalties if you lose games!

Photoshoot with everyone

Take an extravagant photo surrounded by Geiko and Maiko. Keep it for your memories.We can arrange for a professional photographer to take photos for you with a Maiko, so please let us know if you'd like this option upon making a reservation.

Take a walk in Kagai with Maiko

You can enjoy a walk while being introduced to the neighborhoods of Kagai by a Maiko. Maiko and Geiko catch the eye of all passer bys, so you will get celebrity feeling from people taking photos of you in the streets.

Back to your hotel

A fun time passes in a blink of an eye. You will return to your hotel with the interpreter guide. Say goodbye and thanks to the interpreter guide with the afterglow of a great experience. Good night!